Identity Syncronizer® – Simplify ConnectWise Client Implementation

With Identity Syncronizer® — the MSP can automatically provision the client and all of their users.  By utilizing IDSync® support for Windows Security Groups, the MSP can create a security group and automatically provision all of the user accounts just by adding them to that security group.   

If a group of the users need the Customer Portal, that is simple too: just create a Windows Security Group for Customer Access, set the permissions the way you want it to be, and add the users into that group.  Not only will IDSync® provision the user for Customer Portal access, but it will also syncronize their Active Directory password to minimize management and support issues.

Two Way Syncronization – Save Money, and Support Time

IDSync® supports two-way integration with ConnectWise.  This means that, if enabled, any updates you make within ConnectWise to a user’s name, address, e-mail, and other contact or configuration information is automatically syncronized back to Active Directory saving you the time and effort of having to log into your customer’s environment to make the changes in multiple places.   

Further, if other IDSync® Connectors are utilized (Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, Parallels, IBM iSeries, etc..) these user information changes, made within ConnectWise, are automatically syncronized to all of our connected applications.   This keeps your Connectwise CRM database 100% up-to-date while automatically updating the client site at the same time.

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