Connectwise Cloud Billing

IDSync® offers a software package that integrates and synchronizes Marketplace Subscription billing information with ConnectWise Agreements for Customers. The package, focused on the invoicing needs of the re-seller community, makes it quick and easy to automatically and directly update ConnectWise® Agreements with cost and subscription count data. When combined with the native billing capabilities of ConnectWise, the combination results in accurate, timely customer invoices requiring a minimum of administrative efforts. The real benefit is convenient low-cost usage of the Marketplace that is intended to enable on-time invoices and on-time customer payments.

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And, it's all in the cloud.!

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Software Features include the following:

  • Secure communication connection to the reseller subscriptions in the Ingram Micro Marketplace
  • Software assisted tool to map and link customer specific Subscriptions to customer specific Agreements
  • A software monitor that facilitates the pulling of cost & count data from the Marketplace subscription to the ConnectWise® Agreement reflecting both increase and decreased counts.
  • Data shows both increases and decreases to subscriptions.
  • No programming, XML, scripts or CSV files required

  • Use of standard pro-rating techniques.

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