Microsoft Cloud (O365/Azure)

Reduce Client Implementation and management costs with O365/Azure Active Directory Integration.

Unified management of Office 365 and Azure users, features, settings, and permissions results in faster and simplified provisioning that can be performed in a single step using standard security group membership.  Simply adding a user to a security group provisions an Office 365 subscription, mailbox settings, default e-mail addresses, and many other features and capabilities set for the group.  IDSync® provisions and synchronizes users, features, and settings directly to Office 365 and Azure without the IT administrator needing to leave Active Directory or access multiple portals, or applications.  This accelerates the provisioning process and realizes substantial savings in IT management and security costs.  Unlike AD Connect, IDSync® goes beyond simple synchronization and allows editing and management of features, settings, and application info for Office 365 and Azure applications without jumping from AD to multiple web portals. 

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